If you lack insurance, or are passing through a financial crisis.
If you are a widow or a single mother lacking financial resources.
If you are an orphan lacking financial resources
If you are a foreign born person lacking financial resources.
If you present a medical condition that could not be resolved anywhere else.
You could qualify .....
Why do we do it?
A very old motive, some people call it service, others call it love. In any case, the group of doctors that participate in this modest enterprise, don't have any ulterior reasons, but to freely give, since they have been given so much in life.
What do we do?
We are a group of qualified Physicians who will take time to voluntary diagnose and treat Ob-Gyn problems (including performing surgery) as feasible, as part of their busy daily tasks.
Register, please mention qualifier and medical or surgical problem.
A board will review your information for further